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Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Delayed Flight

“Mum! Mum!” The child tugged at his mother’s arm.  “What is it?” He hesitated slightly, “the flight is delayed for two hours! Mum! Can I get a drink? Mum? Mum! Can I? Please! Muuuummmmm!”  She rolled her eyes at her son, another two hours of this! “Go see your father.” His face fell, “but Muuummmm!”  She gave him one of her looks.  A look that screamed don’t test me.  A look that screamed do as your told.  Admitting defeat, he made his way back to his father.  He found him sitting, quietly reading his book.  “Dad? Can I have a drink?”  Joshua turned and raised an eyebrow.  “Joe?”  The child slightly bowed his head, “Dad, may I please have a drink.”  He softly chuckled as he pulled out a juice box from his rucksack.  Joe quickly grabbed it, saying “thanks Dad” before sitting opposite his father.

He had barely touched the drink, before abandoning it on the seat beside him.  He sat beside his father. “Dad?”  Without looking up from his book, Joshua spoke, “the answer is no.”  Joe looked at his father confused, “but Dad?”  Joshua ignored him and carried on reading.  “Dad?”  He turned to his son, “I said the answer is no.”  Joe was starting to get cross, “But DAD! You don’t know what I…”  A grin spread across Joshua’s face, Joe knew there was no point in arguing.  Not when his father was in this mood.  Instead he turned his attention to the juice box.  To the juice box he had earlier abandoned.

His eyes strayed to the space under the seat, he thought he could see something.  “Dad?”  Joshua glared at his son, “unless you are dying, I don’t want to hear it.”  Joe didn’t even get a chance to reply, as his father had already returned to his book.  Nervously, the child stared at the space underneath the seating and the floor.  He wasn’t imaging it! A pair of eyes stared back!  Without warning, a small arm and hand crept out.  It felt on the seat, more of the body crept out from hiding.  It grabbed the juice box, before disappearing back into the shadows. 

Joe stared in disbelief, he glanced around him, to see if anyone else had seen.  His father was reading his book.  His lips silently moving along with the words.  No-one else had seemed to notice.  What was it that he had seen?  He stared for all he was worth at that space.  Looking for any sign of movement.  A pair of eyes stared back, then winked before disappearing.  He heard a soft thud, like the sound of a door softly closing.  The light from under the seat was gone.  Replaced by shadows.  Shadows that silently kept the secret of the airport.