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Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Interview

She stepped out of The Blue Fox, it was a dry if cold autumn morning.  She stood in the street for a few moments, thinking of the best way to get to her destination.  She checked her watch, she had time to walk the long way.  “Long way it is then.” She needed the time anyway.  She wanted to go through what Jarvis had told her.  Stuffing her hands in her pockets with resolve, she started to walk. 

People glanced at her, those who noticed the mark on her neck avoided her.  They pointed at her and whispered.  She was used to it, though it didn’t make it any easier.  They looked at her with disdain.  She often wondered if they thought she was worse than Vas'a'rah or even Va'lac.  Though that is a question she would never ask.  The Surgeon’s Mark stood out on her neck, for all to see.  She was branded by The Surgeon himself, at the time she was only but a child.  Her parents must have hated her.

She wanted to tell them how it happened, her story.  Though she knew they would never listen.  Those who wanted to hear, didn’t believe and the rest, didn’t care.  The new hotel where her interview was loomed ahead.  Moriarty’s new hotel, she lightly rested against the wall near it.  Calming her breathing, remembering what Jarvis had said.  Her mouth felt dry and parched.  She wished she had taken some water with her. 

Steeling herself, she took her scarf from her pocket and, tied it around her neck, hiding The Surgeon’s Mark.  As she stepped into the courtyard she noticed, the dark blue and pale blue banner that fluttered lazily in the autumn breeze.  She stood in front of Moriarty’s men, showed one of them her letter.  He looked it over, “Yes, we are expecting you.  I like your scarf” as he handed back her letter, he gave her a cheeky wink.  She lightly flushed, grabbed the letter and walked inside.  As she headed towards the reception desk, she had a feeling she couldn’t quite shake.

~The End~

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