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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The White Door

Dimitru sat on the bench in front of the house, and smiled as the children of ten years old entered the house.

A small tug on his robes disturbed him, a child, smaller than the rest looked at him. He smiled, "yes?" The child hesitated, "Father Dim-et-ru, do I have to go?"

Dimitru softly chuckled, and motioned for the child to join him on the bench. "No, Za'dai. You don't have to enter the house if you don't want to. However I would advise that you do."

Za'dai tilted his head to the side, "why?"

Dimitru turned serious. "Let me explain. If you want to become a member of The Order when you are older, and you have not gone through the white door, you would not be able to join us. If you wanted to get married in our Church, you would not be able to. If you want assistance with your education, if you seek guidance, those would be closed to you."

Za'dai thought for a few moments, "Father Dim-et-ru?"


"If I go into the house, do I have to become part of The Order when I reach the Final Age?"

Dimitru smiled, "no Za'dai, that choice is yours, as is this one."

He watched as the child jumped off the bench, as he ran through the white door.  A grin spread across Dimitru's face. Slowly he stood up, pulled his hood up and left the area. Inside the house, the Second Age for the children gathered, had just begun.

Monday, 31 December 2018

The Fire


Dimitru stared into the fire, he did not hear his visitor.

A gentle cough, "Father Dimitru?" Slowly he turned, to face his visitor. "Tobias..." The name caught in his throat, Tobias, the one who he confided in.  Today, today he was not in the mood to speak with him.

"Not now Tobias"

He sat down without being invited, "we need to talk Dimitru. These dreams you have been having..."

Dimitru stood up, to his full height of 7 foot. He glared down at Tobias. "FATHER Tobias, I said not now. Not today. Not later today, not this evening. Not now. I would appreciate it, if you left..."  He took a step closer to Tobias, "before I make YOU leave!"

Slowly he stood, up, he was about to say something, but Dimitru's glare stopped him. There was no reasoning with Dimitru when he was in this mood. By the time Dimitru had sat back in his chair Tobias had left.

"Tell HIM, that Tobias is... he is becoming a problem" His apprentice half bowed his head, and left. Dimitru stared into the fire.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Journal

"We shouldn't be doing this..."

Simon chuckled at Jonas, "don't tell me you're scared of Dimitru!"

"Yes" as he nervously glanced towards the door. "And so should you!"

Simon reached the table in front of the fire, there he saw it. A journal face down on top of others. The table, and nearby area was covered in journals. Dimitru would not be long. They only had a short space of time. "Here, you look through those..." Jonas interrupted him, "I... Simon, I am having no part of this"

Simon glanced up at him, "Father Jonas, we agreed!"

Jonas shook his head, "I have changed my mind, I do not want to anger Father Dimitru. You... Father Simon, are on your own."

Simon shook his head, as he reached for the blue journal. The one lying face down, he heard the door close. "Jonas.. you coward!

"Is he indeed?" Simon, glanced up at the voice. Colour drained from his face, he dropped the journal, it landed on the table. Dimitru picked it up, and softly closed it. He glared down at Simon, "Father Simon, to what do I owe this betrayal?" His eyes blazed like the fire in the hearth. Simon, tried to speak, but words would not come. Instead, he half bowed his head. Dimitru softly spoke, "Father Simon, I am waiting..."

Simon found the courage to raise his head, and with it his voice. "Father Dimitru..."

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Stolen Feathers

"Dra... what have you done?"

The young demon bowed his head low in submission. "Drashal, did you think I would not find out? Did you think HE would not come to me? To gloat? To rub my nose in it?"

Drashal stood with his head bowed low, and was silent.

"Drashal! I am speaking to you! Enough with your fake respect."

Drashal raised his head and smirked, "yes?"

"I was there when you were born. When you were taken screaming from your Mother's arms. When..." Siath sighed, "when you were placed into my care. To be raised within The Order of the Stone. And... now this! This is how you repay me?"

Drashal went to speak, but the glare from the older demon stopped him. "You wish to say something? To defend your betrayal? Please, Drashal, by all means speak!"

The younger demon softly spoke. "He... Siath, he promised that he would help me..." Siath interrupted, "promise you what? He promises nothing but lies! HE promises nothing! He expects nothing but devotion from you!"

Drashal sighed, "do you want to hear?" A silent nod from the older demon, was all he needed.  "He promised that he would heal my scars, if I... if I gave myself to him."

Siath shook his head, "let me see. Let me see what The Collector has done for you"  Drashal slowly spread his wings, and there was the tell tale sign. Three gold and white feathers. Standing stark, against his black feathers.

"And has he healed your scars?" Drashal shook his head.

The older demon laughed, "of course not. I want you gone by the time I return. I do not care where you go. But... you have betrayed not only myself, but The Order. All of us." With one final shake of his head, Siath left the room.

Drashal glanced at the feathers, that The Collector had given him. Was Siath correct? Had he made a mistake? Only time would tell.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Room of Darkness

"Keep that door open! Do NOT let it close"

"I know what I am..."

Dominic glared at the younger demon, "do you indeed? Well if you let that door close, I will be the least of your worries."

Zai'ath paled.  He found a piece of cardboard folded it up, and shoved it under the door, making sure it stayed open. Dominic nodded his approval.

He removed four keys from his pocket, handing two to Zai'ath. "You unlock the bottom two, and be careful of that door!" Together, as one they put the four keys into the locks, and turned. They lifted up the cover and placed it to one side.

Zai'ath glanced down the hole, "are you sure it is down there? I can't see anything."

Dominic sighed, says "yes. Now take that ladder off the wall, and put it into the hole." The younger demon looked uncertain, "I can't do it... can I?" Zai'ath did what was asked of him.  To his surprise the ladder touched ground. Dominic nodded, "take out your lighter, and down you go."

He laughed at Zai'ath's look, "go on, and be quick about it." Looking into the darkness behind Zai'ath. He hated this place, the darkness played tricks with your mind.

As he went down the ladder, Dominic glanced at his watch. Five minutes had gone, Zai'ath hadn't returned.  He paced the hallway in front of the room like a caged animal. Ten minutes, later he saw a light.

"Give!" Zai'ath glanced at the older demon. "Let me get up..."

"Give, give it now!" He passed the wooden box to Dominic, standing up he pocketed the box. He kicked Zai'ath making him fall. He ran down the hallway, and locked the end door. He did not look back.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Mirror

Dearest May,

the reflection was there again. It always seems to be there. Only there is a difference, there are chandeliers in the reflection, there are none in this room. The lady in the mirror, it is not me. It never was me.

The mirror was on the wall when we moved in. It's one of those large ones that take up nearly a full wall. It's too heavy to move, Jack put his back out trying! It has a beautiful gilt frame, that sparkles and shines in the light.

Jack thought this would make an ideal room for me, for me to write my correspondence in.  As the light is perfect, with windows on three sides, even on the dullest of days, the room has light. I admit he was right, just don't tell him I said so.  You know what he is like, I would never hear the end of it!

In the attic, he found a beautiful old writing desk.  He spent a whole weekend restoring it, and I have to admit that it is a joy to write on.  I can sit here catching up on my correspondence, and before I know it, the morning has gone! I also, admit that several cups of tea have gone cold.  Much to Jack's dismay!

I keep your letters, my dear May, tied in a blue ribbon in this writing desk...


"That it?"
She turned the page over in her hand. "Yes, nothing else"

He glanced at the mirror, "so... so this is the fabled haunted mirror?"
"Doesn't look like much?"
He scoffed at her, "do not let such appearances fool you"

The clock struck Midnight, both stared at the mirror. "It draws you in..."
He pushed her to one side, "don't look directly in the mirror!"

She glanced at him, "what?"
"Jack, don't look directly in the mirror!" She shook her head, as if shaking a fog.  Yet... her eyes were drawn back to the mirror.

Sam ignored her as he finished lighting the candles.

"Sam..." this time her words were a bit fainter. He turned and screamed.

A figure in the mirror had grabbed Jack and pulled her through. His one last act, was to cover the mirror. 


"Look what I found!" The child of seven, pulled down the cover of the mirror. A cloud of dust covered her. Her Father laughed, then looked at the mirror.

It was dusty yes, but there was something about the mirror. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Woods

It was late afternoon when Lori reached the woods. She locked the car and started to run.  Running was the only thing that calmed her.  She was so angry. So she ran. She paid no attention to where she was going.  All of a sudden she stopped. Something caught her attention.  It was out of the corner of her eye, ignoring it, she kept running.  Then one crossed her path. She stopped, her breath heavy.  It couldn’t be? Could it?  Once again she ignored her thoughts and kept running.  When another crossed her path. It stopped in front of her. Forcing her to stop. It was!

A werewolf! For what seemed liked hours, but in reality was only seconds, they locked eyes.  The werewolf sniffed the air around her.  Lori froze.  She couldn’t move, even if she wanted to.  A howl was heard in the distance, the werewolf turned and ran off. The trance broken.  It was only when they werewolf had left.  It was only then, she realised she was shaking.  “Get a grip Lori!”  The sound of the wind through the trees was the only reply.

For the first time, since she set out on her run.  She took the time to look around.  She had no idea where she was. Lost! In the woods.  In woods that were crawling with werewolves.  Alone in the woods.  And twilight was fast moving in.  Slowly she turned and looked back.  “Think Lori, think”, she tried to retrace her steps in her mind.  But it was impossible.  A werewolf was sitting on the path.  He tilted his head at her, as if saying you should know me.  You should know who I am.  Without warning, he rose and ran past her.  She grasped her heart, her breath knocked out of her.  Her heart started to pound wildly.  Just how many of them were in the woods?

When she had settled herself, Lori was about to run again, when she felt something.  She felt hot breath on the back of her neck.  Slowly.  With fear having a tight grip on her heart, she turned.  A werewolf stood in front of her.  Sniffed her.  Growled at her.  His golden eyes twinkling, they seemed familiar.  But how?

Then she stopped, saw something else.  Something moving towards her.  Taking a few uneasy steps back, ready to run, ready to fight.  She was ready.  Scared, but ready.  A ghostly figure stood in front of her.  It pointed behind her, then it moved in that direction.  Should she follow?  Several howls from the werewolves, made her mind up for her.  Quickly she followed the ghostly figure.  It started to move faster.  She found herself running, just to keep up.  It felt good to be running again.

The ghostly figure stopped.  Confused Lori stopped, “what is it?”  She laughed to herself, “talking to ghosts now?”  The ghostly figure pointed to a nearby tree.  The toilet seat in the tree!  That damn creepy toilet seat.  She knew where she was! She was never so glad to see it in all her life!  Without thinking, she thanked the ghostly figure.  It faded into the woods.

And she ran.  Lori ran.  Faster than she had ever ran.  Her heart pounded, but this time it was not out of fear.  But out of relief, she felt it would burst.  She saw the road! She ran towards it and screamed…

Her screams woke her up.  It took her a few moments to realise she was sitting up.  She was drenched in sweat.  “I really must stop watching those werewolf movies.”  Silence was her only reply.  She settled back down and sleep came quickly.  She didn’t notice the pair of golden eyes twinkling, watching her.

~The End~