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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Card four, The Doorway

The angel nervously approached the houses, he saw a door with a nautical star on the front. He found the house he was looking for. Taking a deep breath to steadily himself, he knocked the door. A few moments later, the door opened. Clover stood in the doorway, "an angel eh?" He stepped aside allowing the angel to enter, he closed the door after him.

The angel followed Clover through a door, he noticed there was another nautical star on the front of it. He left the door open, as was the instruction. Clover sat down at a table by the window. The angel silently sat down opposite him. No talking to Clover, no talking to one of The Nautical Star. That is how things have always been.

Clover took a pack of cards from a box, he placed them in the middle of the table. "You know what to do", the angel nodded. He took the cards and shuffled them, took one out and placed it in the middle of the table. He gave the rest to Clover, who put them to one side.

"Card four, The Doorway. You are at conflict. You have been offered an opportunity linked to your birth family. Take it, it will help you to grow. It will help you become a better being." Silently Clover took the card and shuffled it again in with the others. A sign the reading was over.

The angel stood up, placed a small box on the table and silently left. Only when the outer door closed, did Clover lift the small box. He looked inside and smiled, yes the payment was more than acceptable. 

Friday, 25 October 2019

Varna's Test

She woke up, disoriented, she tired to turn her head, but something was stopping her. She realised it was a collar around her neck, she moved her wrists, they strained against leather straps. She realised she was blindfolded, she screamed. Then she heard footsteps. Laughter and more footsteps.

"Remove the blindfold" Her blindfold was carefully removed, her eyes blinked. Adjusting to the sudden light.  "Dragon!" Dragon turned his head towards the fire, then looked back at her. "Varna... you are in so much trouble."

"Dragon..." she pleaded. Then she saw him. Snowflake stood in front of her, "If you think Dragon can help you, you are very much mistaken. Varna, do you know why you are here?"

She tried shaking her head, instead she weakly said no. Snowflake raised an eyebrow, "really? You betrayed The Order Demonica.  Not only that, you stole from them.  Did you really think you would get away with it?" She watched as Snowflake removed his suit jacket.  Dragon stepped forward to take the jacket.  She watched as Snowflake rolled up his shirt sleeves.

"Varna..." She glanced at Dragon, pleading with him.  "Varna... how we do this is up to you.  We can do this the easy way..." He looked into her eyes, she thought she saw some compassion in his eyes. "Or the hard way..." and he gestured to the fire. "Varna, the choice is yours."

She pleadingly looked at Dragon, who just shook his head. "Dragon..."  Snowflake softly spoke "Dragon cannot help you, only you can help yourself. The path you choose is your choice. Varna... choose wisely."

Varna sighed, "I can't..."  Snowflake says, "so be it" he nodded to Dragon.  Dragon retrieved a branding iron and handed it to Snowflake. Her screams filled the air. 

Sunday, 29 September 2019

The Meeting

He pulled back his sleeve, checked his watch. Glanced up at the station clock and sighed. He was early, the train would arrive on time. Why was he so nervous? It was a journey he had made countless times before. His eyes wandered to the buildings opposite, he recalled those red railings with a fondness. His mind started to drift back. The sound of the train coming through the tunnel, forced him out of his daydream. He rose from the seat and stood on the platform. Soon he was on the train, he didn't take a seat, not much point when he was getting off the first stop.

He was glad he had the foresight to bring his earphones, drowning the other voices out, helped. The music helped to distract him, distract him from his upcoming meeting. Slowly he walked up the steps out of the station, there was time. No need to rush. Light autumn rain greeted him when he exited the station. Crossing the road, he removed his earphones. As he crossed the bridge, he wrapped them around his music player, before pocketing them.

He entered the hotel, walked up the stairs and down the hallway. Stopping at a door halfway to the right. He took one deep breath, knocking the door as he released it. The door opened, a demon in a suit answered, "Zero, so glad you could join us." The demon stepped aside, allowing Zero to walk into the room. The door closed loudly behind him, the room was in mid darkness.

"Zero, please take a seat." Faintly nodding, he undid the button of his suit jacket before he sat down. He hated meetings, more so with The Order of the Stone.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The Silent Watcher

His memory did not fail him, Julian soon found what he was looking for. The old shed hidden in among the trees. Inside... inside was what he sought. An ingredient so rare, it is only available to collect once every fifty years. He pulled out a key, with one quick tug the chain around his neck broke. The lock was rusted with age, but still held. The key worked, he pocketed it and entered the old shed.

Inside, nature had all but taken over. In the far left corner, hidden in old furniture was what he was after. He glanced at the once bronze statue standing to his right, her eyes fixed on the far left corner. Slowly he dropped his bag to the ground. On bended knee he knelt in front of the statue. Bowing his head in respect, he started to speak. "Silent Watcher, I seek your blessing. I only wish to collect a rare ingredient, one that is in your gaze. I will only collect what I need, leaving the rest. Please accept this offering as my assurance of my will."  Julian slowly rose, removing his knife from his pocket, he swiftly cut his left palm. He flexed his hand a few times allowing the blood to flow. Placing the hand over the statues hand, the blood seeped into the statue.

He smiled, his offering had been accepted. Quickly he retrieved what he had come for. He half bowed his head to the statue before leaving, locking the door his smile turned into a grin. He had successfully obtained Tears of The Silent Watcher. A valuable ingredient, and one that will serve him well.

Monday, 15 July 2019


A soft hand lightly touched his shoulder, Dragon slightly turned his head. The hand dropped away, his younger brother took a step back. It had been seven years, the pain was raw. The loss of his twin, unbearable. Time doesn't heal, that's a lie, it just makes the pain that bit more bearable.

"I lost him too..." Dragon turned and nodded at his brother. His younger brother, who also had the tattoo of the black snowflake. He placed the flowers on the grave. "I know, brother, I know." Slowly he rose, "I need to gather what is needed to summon him." Zolath nodded and left.

Dragon closed his eyes for a moment, when he opened them; he set to work.

At seven that night, he drew the summoning circle. He drew the sigils in chalk around the circle. He threw the dirt from his twin's grave into the centre. Finally he took out a knife and cut his left palm, he opened and closed his palm allowing the blood to flow. He placed his hand over the circle and let the blood flow onto the dirt from the grave.

"Lax'arth, Vash8rth, Ka-nashka, Lax'arth, Vash8rth, Ka-nashka. Ivar'/8th, Shan'/8th, ..." the Demonic words flowed from his lips. A hand clasped his.

Dragon's spirit twin had answered.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Black 33

It seemed like days, months since he'd walked through that door. Maybe it was? He didn't know anymore, hearing footsteps he tried to stand to his feet, but the chain pulled him down. He glanced at the metal, white. Admitting defeat he sat down, the cold of the floor chilled him.

A nudge in the ribs with a boot woke him up, he tried to stand up. He cursed at the chain pulling him down again. The guard softly chuckled, "forgot about the chain eh? That is to keep you in line."

"Why? I don't understand..."

The guard knelt down to his level, "you are black 33. You don't understand? You were there..."

He ran his hand through his hair, "black 33? I don't understand, I was where?"

"You were there, when it happened. When the Betrayer was born. We..." The guard stood up, "we want to know what happened. And you... you will tell us. One way or another."

The door closed, the room plunged into darkness. Who was holding him captive? That voice, the way he spoke. It sounded familiar, he tried to force his brain to remember. It only served to push the memory further away.

He was woken up with a kick to the ribs. "Black 33, it is time"

"Time for what?"

"Time for fun! Well, not for you..." The guard stepped back, allowing one to enter the room. He bowed his head low at the angel who had entered. An angel with red wings. An angel with golden eyes.

He glanced at the angel and silently swore.  The angel knelt down in front of him, "Black 33, now is your time. Your time to talk."

Monday, 20 May 2019

Deal with an angel

Groggily he turned on the light, his eyes glanced down at the light switch. It was blood stained. He fell back onto the pillows.

Clover held up his hand, blood streamed down it. He slowly moved it, the blood turned with the movement. Sighing heavily he let it fall to the side, blood flowed from his hand onto the bed.

For a second time, he turned to his side. His gaze fell to the bag of coins on the bedside table. Slowly he sat on the edge of the bed. With his right hand, he awkwardly opened the bag with one hand. Tipping the bag onto the bedside table, the coins fell onto the bedside table. He picked some of the coins up, he let them fall through his fingers onto the floor.

He glanced at his bloody left hand, was it worth it? The pain, the sacrifice? And for what? A bag of coins to help one of his brothers. He hoped that they appreciated what he went through.

He glanced at his bloodied left hand and sighed. He wouldn't be able to work until it had fully healed. Slowly he stood up and summoned a Healer. A wave came over him, he fell backwards onto the bed. That was how the Healer found him, unconsciousness, the wound from his left hand still bleeding.