Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Room of Darkness

"Keep that door open! Do NOT let it close"

"I know what I am..."

Dominic glared at the younger demon, "do you indeed? Well if you let that door close, I will be the least of your worries."

Zai'ath paled.  He found a piece of cardboard folded it up, and shoved it under the door, making sure it stayed open. Dominic nodded his approval.

He removed four keys from his pocket, handing two to Zai'ath. "You unlock the bottom two, and be careful of that door!" Together, as one they put the four keys into the locks, and turned. They lifted up the cover and placed it to one side.

Zai'ath glanced down the hole, "are you sure it is down there? I can't see anything."

Dominic sighed, says "yes. Now take that ladder off the wall, and put it into the hole." The younger demon looked uncertain, "I can't do it... can I?" Zai'ath did what was asked of him.  To his surprise the ladder touched ground. Dominic nodded, "take out your lighter, and down you go."

He laughed at Zai'ath's look, "go on, and be quick about it." Looking into the darkness behind Zai'ath. He hated this place, the darkness played tricks with your mind.

As he went down the ladder, Dominic glanced at his watch. Five minutes had gone, Zai'ath hadn't returned.  He paced the hallway in front of the room like a caged animal. Ten minutes, later he saw a light.

"Give!" Zai'ath glanced at the older demon. "Let me get up..."

"Give, give it now!" He passed the wooden box to Dominic, standing up he pocketed the box. He kicked Zai'ath making him fall. He ran down the hallway, and locked the end door. He did not look back.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Mirror

Dearest May,

the reflection was there again. It always seems to be there. Only there is a difference, there are chandeliers in the reflection, there are none in this room. The lady in the mirror, it is not me. It never was me.

The mirror was on the wall when we moved in. It's one of those large ones that take up nearly a full wall. It's too heavy to move, Jack put his back out trying! It has a beautiful gilt frame, that sparkles and shines in the light.

Jack thought this would make an ideal room for me, for me to write my correspondence in.  As the light is perfect, with windows on three sides, even on the dullest of days, the room has light. I admit he was right, just don't tell him I said so.  You know what he is like, I would never hear the end of it!

In the attic, he found a beautiful old writing desk.  He spent a whole weekend restoring it, and I have to admit that it is a joy to write on.  I can sit here catching up on my correspondence, and before I know it, the morning has gone! I also, admit that several cups of tea have gone cold.  Much to Jack's dismay!

I keep your letters, my dear May, tied in a blue ribbon in this writing desk...


"That it?"
She turned the page over in her hand. "Yes, nothing else"

He glanced at the mirror, "so... so this is the fabled haunted mirror?"
"Doesn't look like much?"
He scoffed at her, "do not let such appearances fool you"

The clock struck Midnight, both stared at the mirror. "It draws you in..."
He pushed her to one side, "don't look directly in the mirror!"

She glanced at him, "what?"
"Jack, don't look directly in the mirror!" She shook her head, as if shaking a fog.  Yet... her eyes were drawn back to the mirror.

Sam ignored her as he finished lighting the candles.

"Sam..." this time her words were a bit fainter. He turned and screamed.

A figure in the mirror had grabbed Jack and pulled her through. His one last act, was to cover the mirror. 


"Look what I found!" The child of seven, pulled down the cover of the mirror. A cloud of dust covered her. Her Father laughed, then looked at the mirror.

It was dusty yes, but there was something about the mirror. Something he couldn't quite put his finger on. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Woods

It was late afternoon when Lori reached the woods. She locked the car and started to run.  Running was the only thing that calmed her.  She was so angry. So she ran. She paid no attention to where she was going.  All of a sudden she stopped. Something caught her attention.  It was out of the corner of her eye, ignoring it, she kept running.  Then one crossed her path. She stopped, her breath heavy.  It couldn’t be? Could it?  Once again she ignored her thoughts and kept running.  When another crossed her path. It stopped in front of her. Forcing her to stop. It was!

A werewolf! For what seemed liked hours, but in reality was only seconds, they locked eyes.  The werewolf sniffed the air around her.  Lori froze.  She couldn’t move, even if she wanted to.  A howl was heard in the distance, the werewolf turned and ran off. The trance broken.  It was only when they werewolf had left.  It was only then, she realised she was shaking.  “Get a grip Lori!”  The sound of the wind through the trees was the only reply.

For the first time, since she set out on her run.  She took the time to look around.  She had no idea where she was. Lost! In the woods.  In woods that were crawling with werewolves.  Alone in the woods.  And twilight was fast moving in.  Slowly she turned and looked back.  “Think Lori, think”, she tried to retrace her steps in her mind.  But it was impossible.  A werewolf was sitting on the path.  He tilted his head at her, as if saying you should know me.  You should know who I am.  Without warning, he rose and ran past her.  She grasped her heart, her breath knocked out of her.  Her heart started to pound wildly.  Just how many of them were in the woods?

When she had settled herself, Lori was about to run again, when she felt something.  She felt hot breath on the back of her neck.  Slowly.  With fear having a tight grip on her heart, she turned.  A werewolf stood in front of her.  Sniffed her.  Growled at her.  His golden eyes twinkling, they seemed familiar.  But how?

Then she stopped, saw something else.  Something moving towards her.  Taking a few uneasy steps back, ready to run, ready to fight.  She was ready.  Scared, but ready.  A ghostly figure stood in front of her.  It pointed behind her, then it moved in that direction.  Should she follow?  Several howls from the werewolves, made her mind up for her.  Quickly she followed the ghostly figure.  It started to move faster.  She found herself running, just to keep up.  It felt good to be running again.

The ghostly figure stopped.  Confused Lori stopped, “what is it?”  She laughed to herself, “talking to ghosts now?”  The ghostly figure pointed to a nearby tree.  The toilet seat in the tree!  That damn creepy toilet seat.  She knew where she was! She was never so glad to see it in all her life!  Without thinking, she thanked the ghostly figure.  It faded into the woods.

And she ran.  Lori ran.  Faster than she had ever ran.  Her heart pounded, but this time it was not out of fear.  But out of relief, she felt it would burst.  She saw the road! She ran towards it and screamed…

Her screams woke her up.  It took her a few moments to realise she was sitting up.  She was drenched in sweat.  “I really must stop watching those werewolf movies.”  Silence was her only reply.  She settled back down and sleep came quickly.  She didn’t notice the pair of golden eyes twinkling, watching her.

~The End~

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Q&A with my Characters II

In October 2016, I asked for the readers of this blog to submit questions to my characters.  These are the questions that you, my dear readers of this blog submitted. Eighteen questions were received, these were asked to Snowflake (S), Zero (Z), Tanzai (T), Dimitru (D), Julian (J), Clover (C), CookieLa'beth (L) and Acha'iah (A).

For the benefit of the interview all of these characters are male. 

All of these characters are in the same room and, questions are asked in order they were received.  La'beth is one of Snowflake's guards, he has given La'beth time off to do this interview.  He has also allowed La'beth to relax during it, so he can take part like everyone else.  Cookie is unable to attend this interview due to personal reasons.  His question will be asked to all of those present.

RB: Thank you all for attending.
A: It is of no problem Bunny.
RB: First question is for Snowflake.
Z: Why doesn't that surprise me? <laughs>
RB: Snowflake, Drew asks what are some of your favourite movies and why?
Z: Anything with lots of violence, blood and gore I would imagine.
S: <shakes his head and laughs> Thank you for your question Drew.  I am fond of films like The Wild One, The Godfather, On The Waterfront, Raging Bull. As to why? I grew up watching them, they remind me of my childhood.  Which at times was not pleasant, but that is dancing around spoilers.
C: Dance, Snowflake, Dance for me!
ALL: <laugh>
S: Not now Clover. <smirks>
RB: These next four questions are all from Mort from Devon.  They ask the same question to both Snowflake and Zero.
Z: <raises an eyebrow> Please continue.
RB:  They ask you both, which tattoo, if any, hurt the most?
Z: Ah an interesting question, thank you Mort from Devon.  It would have to be the spider web on the back of my hand. I first got it done when inside, it was in part, a rite of passage.  Then of course Clover re-worked it when I got out.
C: You squirmed like a pig from what I remember.
Z: Fuck off Clover.
C: <laughs>
S:  I would have to say the sugar skull on side of my neck hurt the most.  Not pain wise, but more the meaning behind it.
RB: That meaning would be?
C: Snowflake is going to dance again!
S: <softly chuckles> But, yes Clover is correct.  I am dancing around spoilers.
RB: Understood.  The next question from Mort from Devon is for Tanzai. Is there something you've created which you are particularly proud of? Or fear?
T: Thank you for your question Mort from Devon.  An interesting one at that. Yes I created an engraved knife for a demon. It was for a gift for his twin, he wanted part of him woven into the steel.  As for the second part of your question, with all due respect, I decline to answer.
Z: "With all due respect?" You been fucking taking lessons from Snowflake?
T: <smirks at Zero>  Now Zero, that would be telling.
RB: Mort from Devon asks a question of Dimitru.  Do you have any tattoos? May I ask what they are?
C: Yes! He does, a big fat ugly one on top of his neck... oh sorry, that's his head! <laughs>
D:  <rolls eyes at Clover> Thank you Mort from Devon.  Yes I do indeed have tattoos, I have the one marking me as part of The Order.  Everyone belonging to The Order has one.  I also have one that states my rank within The Order.  I have a marriage tattoo, the tattoo of my demon guardian and... a few others that I am not willing to go into at this moment.
C:  Dimitru's turn to dance.
D: <softly chuckles> Yes Clover.
C: <grins>
RB: The next question is for Snowflake.
T: Ego-man strikes again!
Z: Fuck, I'd forgot about that.
T&Z: <laughs>
RB: This question is from Pat. She asks, what one life event has most influenced your outlook on life?
C: Now it gets interesting, what say you Snowflake?
S: Pat, thank you for your question.  That would be when I met Jarvis, I cannot go into detail...
C: Snowflake dancing again?
S: <laughs> Yes Clover, I'm dancing around spoilers.  I was at a low point in my life and, well Jarvis helped me.  When he didn't have to, he showed me great kindness.
T: I was not expecting that answer!
S: <softly chuckles> I should think not.
RB: Next question is for...
T:  Let me fucking guess Snowflake.
RB: Correct Tanzai.  Snowflake, Jane from Bangor asks, What do you think of the term 'snowflake' being used to mean fragile people who find offence at every little thing. Who claim that they are hard done by.
Z: <nearly spits out his coffee laughing> What the fuck? They actually asked that?
C: It's a joke question must be. Miss Floppy Ears, did you ask this?
RB: No, I did not! And yes they did Zero. Snowflake, if you please.
S: Thank you Jane from Bangor.  It is just a silly term used to describe a group of people.  Beyond that it has no meaning.
C: You're offended aren't you? Snowflake *is* a snowflake! <smirks>
T: No, Clover Snowflake is Ego-man.
C: <thinks for a moment> Snowflake *is* snowflake Ego-man!
ALL: <laugh>
RB: <shakes head and sighs> Next question is from Phoenix from MA.   They ask the same question to Julian and Dimitru.  What exactly are your roles within The Order?
C: <smirks at Dimitru>
D: <glares at Clover before answering>  Thank you Phoenix from MA.  I have already answered that question in my personal interview with Bunny. 
J: <raises his eyebrow slightly at Dimitru's answer>  Yes, thank you Phoenix from MA.  My main rank is a healer within The Order. 
A: "Your main rank?" Care to expand.
J:  No I don't. <glares at Acha'iah>
A: <softly chuckles>
RB: Next question is for...
T: Ego-man!
RB: No, not this time. It's for Clover.
C: For me? For little ol' me? <beams>
RB: Clover, TG from London asks, Who has influenced you most in your artwork?
C: Thank you TG from London.  And if I may say so such an amazing question that you have asked.  I would have to say M. C. Escher.  I have been a fan of his work for as long as I can remember.
RB: <smiles> Thank you for that Clover, next up is...
T: Ego-man!
Z: If you're going to say that every fucking time, eventually you will get it right.
T: <shrugs> Well?
RB:  Yes, it's for Snowflake.
T: Hey Ego-man! You're up.
S: <rolls eyes>
RB:  Snowflake, Stella asks, how many times a day do you adjust your tie?
S: <laughs> Stella, not sure I should thank you for such a mundane question.  The answer is I don't know.
C: The exact answer Stella, is 523 times a day.
S: You counted?
C: Well, unless it's a day ending in a y, then it can vary.
S: <shakes his head and laughs>
RB: Next question is for Clover.
C: Another one for me?
RB: Yes Clover.
C: Then hop to it Miss Floppy Ears.
RB: <shakes head and laughs> Mort from Devon asks Clover, of all the tattoos you've given, which of them, if any, is the most strange?
C: Oh! Thank you Mort from Devon, that is indeed a lovely question to be asking.  On such a lovely day as well.  A lovely question for a lovely day, yes indeed.
D: Well? Are you going to answer it.
C: Yes, Dimitru, yes I should think so indeed.  Let me think...
T: Take your time Clover.
C: Tanzai, do you have any idea the amount of tattoos I have given? No, then shut the fuck up and let me think this over.
Z: Ah, that's what that noise is.
S: The sound of creaking gears?
Z: That's the one!
C: <ignoring Zero and Snowflake> Ah yes, I believe I have an answer for lovely Mort from lovely Devon. Who asked such a lovely question on such a lovely day...
Z: Just fucking answer the damn thing!
C: <ignores Zero> As I was saying, yes Mort.  I once gave someone a tattoo of a zombified watermelon slice.. that was strange.
J: You're making that up!
Z: You're serious aren't you?
C: <nods>
S: You actually tattooed that on someone? Do I fucking want to know where?
C: They said it was for a bet, I didn't think it was.  And no Snowflake, you don't.
ALL: <laugh>
RB: Next question is for Cookie, but since he is unable to be here, I will ask it to all of you.  Crystal asks, what is your favourite type of cookie and why?
S: That's an easy one! Peanut butter cookies, the ones with peanut halves on the top.
Z: I like chocolate chip cookies, they remind me of the ones my Grandmother made.
C: Oh! Good choice Zero, I like those cookies that have bits of chocolate inside.  You know the ones, they melt when you bite into them and are all gooey inside.
D: Just like you Clover! <laughs>
C: <winks> And what is your favourite type of cookie Dimitru?
D: Well Clover, I like the plain cookies the best.
C: Is that not a little boring Dimitru?
T: You've lost all control now Bunny.
RB: I don't think I ever had any.
T: <laughs>
C: Do you mind? I'm asking Dimitru a question! As you were saying Dimitru.
D: No, not at all Clover.  My wife makes these beautiful spiced plain cookies. 
S: I can imagine.
RB: Tanzai?
T: I'm with Zero on this one, but with a touch of vanilla mixed through.
C: You're crazy Tanzai!
T: <laughs> Pot fucking calling the kettle black there Clover.
C: <smirks>
RB: Julian? Your favourite cookie?
J:  Ah yes, I would have to agree with both Zero and Dimitru on this one.
L:  Before Clover chimes in,  my favourite type of cookie would be white chocolate chip.
C: With little sprinkles on top?
L: No, Clover, you freak!
C: <laughs>  Acha'iah? I bet you like dark chocolate cookies, to match your souuul!
S: Clover!
C: What? <smirks>
A:  Indeed Clover, how did you guess? <laughs>
RB: If you're all finished?  Crystal also has a question for La'beth.
L: Please continue Bunny.
RB: La'beth, they ask, you seem to be strong willed and strong of mind. How can you easily take orders from someone?
C: Oh that is a good one! Bet you wish you thought of that one Miss Floppy Ears!
RB: For the last time, Clover...
C: <laughs> You're so easy to tease.
RB: <sighs> La'beth?
L: Yes thank you Crystal for your question.  I am indeed strong willed and strong of mind.  It is for exactly that reason that I can take orders from Snowflake. 
C: Now that was fucking insightful!
L: Clover...
C: Yes La'beth? <bats his eyelashes>
L: <laughs> It doesn't matter, you crazy fool.
C: <smirks>
RB:  Next two questions are from the same person.  Chris asks, Snowflake have you been naughty or nice all year?
T: Ego-man? They fucking asked him that? <laughs>
Z: This will be interesting...
S: Thank you Chris.  The boundaries of naughty and nice are subjective.  These boundaries can shift depending on the ocassion and circumstances.
D: Yes, that is clear...
C: Clear as fucking mud! <laughs>
RB: Their next question is for Zero. Do you like being called Zero or would you like a different name?
C:  He would prefer to be called Princess Buttercup, ruler of all the lands.
Z: <rolls eyes> Thank you Chris for your question.  It's my given name, I had no choice in the matter.  There was a time, when I was younger that I didn't like it.  But to answer your question, no I would not like a different name.
C: <whispers loudly> Princess Buttercup.
Z: <ignores Clover>
C: <whispers louder> Princess Buttercup.
Z: Clover?
C: Zero?
Z: Fuck off.
C: <laughs>
RB: This next question comes from Andrew and is for Acha'iah. What did you do before being "persuaded" into the Inner Circle of the Demonica?
T: Fucking hell, they asked that?
D: Even I would not be so bold.
C: Batten down the hatches!
S: <laughs>
A: Firstly Andrew, thank you for your question.  Although I do not care for the tone of your question.  That to one side, what I did before I joined the Order Demonica is none of your concern.
C: Acha'iah is dancing!
A: <softly chuckles> Indeed Clover. Bunny?
RB: Yes Acha'iah?
A: If that is all, then I will take my leave.  Enough of my time has been wasted.
RB: Yes that is all. Thank you for attending.
A: <rises from his seat and leaves>
C: Fucking grumpy guts that one.
T: <shakes his head and laughs>
RB: Final question from Andrew is for Snowflake.
T: And we end how we started.
Z: Rather fitting don't you think?
T: Indeed.
RB: Snowflake they ask, are you really that arrogant or is it just to annoy Bunny?
S: <raises an eyebrow and laughs> I couldn't possibly say.
C: Tanzai?
T: Yes Clover.
C: Snowflake *is* snowflake Ego-man slash arrogrant man!
T: Bit of a mouthful.
Z: You could just call him Snowflake.
C: Snowflake? How about I call you Snowflake?
S: <laughs> Well seeing as that is my name...
C: It's settled then.
RB:  That's it, all questions asked.  Thank you all for taking part in this joint interview.
C: You're more than welcome Miss Floppy Ears and I am sure Princess Buttercup would say the same.
Z: Clover... <throws a cushion at Clover>

And ending on that note... this joint interview is over.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Delayed Flight

“Mum! Mum!” The child tugged at his mother’s arm.  “What is it?” He hesitated slightly, “the flight is delayed for two hours! Mum! Can I get a drink? Mum? Mum! Can I? Please! Muuuummmmm!”  She rolled her eyes at her son, another two hours of this! “Go see your father.” His face fell, “but Muuummmm!”  She gave him one of her looks.  A look that screamed don’t test me.  A look that screamed do as your told.  Admitting defeat, he made his way back to his father.  He found him sitting, quietly reading his book.  “Dad? Can I have a drink?”  Joshua turned and raised an eyebrow.  “Joe?”  The child slightly bowed his head, “Dad, may I please have a drink.”  He softly chuckled as he pulled out a juice box from his rucksack.  Joe quickly grabbed it, saying “thanks Dad” before sitting opposite his father.

He had barely touched the drink, before abandoning it on the seat beside him.  He sat beside his father. “Dad?”  Without looking up from his book, Joshua spoke, “the answer is no.”  Joe looked at his father confused, “but Dad?”  Joshua ignored him and carried on reading.  “Dad?”  He turned to his son, “I said the answer is no.”  Joe was starting to get cross, “But DAD! You don’t know what I…”  A grin spread across Joshua’s face, Joe knew there was no point in arguing.  Not when his father was in this mood.  Instead he turned his attention to the juice box.  To the juice box he had earlier abandoned.

His eyes strayed to the space under the seat, he thought he could see something.  “Dad?”  Joshua glared at his son, “unless you are dying, I don’t want to hear it.”  Joe didn’t even get a chance to reply, as his father had already returned to his book.  Nervously, the child stared at the space underneath the seating and the floor.  He wasn’t imaging it! A pair of eyes stared back!  Without warning, a small arm and hand crept out.  It felt on the seat, more of the body crept out from hiding.  It grabbed the juice box, before disappearing back into the shadows. 

Joe stared in disbelief, he glanced around him, to see if anyone else had seen.  His father was reading his book.  His lips silently moving along with the words.  No-one else had seemed to notice.  What was it that he had seen?  He stared for all he was worth at that space.  Looking for any sign of movement.  A pair of eyes stared back, then winked before disappearing.  He heard a soft thud, like the sound of a door softly closing.  The light from under the seat was gone.  Replaced by shadows.  Shadows that silently kept the secret of the airport.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tangled Web

“The tangled web, those thin small strands… they fall away into nothing.”  Zero downed his glass of whiskey, before pouring another.  His visitor stood in half darkness, saying nothing.  Now was not the time for them to speak, that would come later.  “In the end… I mean the Gods they play with us, we are but game pieces to them…”  Sadness filled the visitor, he hated seeing Zero like this.  They went through the same… ritual?  At the same time, every year.  Zero just had to be melancholic and drink. Unfortunately, that usually meant draining a few whiskey bottles dry.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Burning Fire

The light from the fire mocked him, it seemed to know his secret. It threw light into the room, the only light. The demon’s red eyes darkened as the shadows moved. He never did trust the shadows, ever since… Though that was so long ago now, or was it? His body protested as he moved, the sacred book fell from his lap. He left the sacred book, lying on the ground, he cared not for its contents. The demon did not care that he was disrespecting the sacred book. It held no answers for him and, still the fire burned.