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Monday, 20 May 2019

Deal with an angel

Groggily he turned on the light, his eyes glanced down at the light switch. It was blood stained. He fell back onto the pillows.

Clover held up his hand, blood streamed down it. He slowly moved it, the blood turned with the movement. Sighing heavily he let it fall to the side, blood flowed from his hand onto the bed.

For a second time, he turned to his side. His gaze fell to the bag of coins on the bedside table. Slowly he sat on the edge of the bed. With his right hand, he awkwardly opened the bag with one hand. Tipping the bag onto the bedside table, the coins fell onto the bedside table. He picked some of the coins up, he let them fall through his fingers onto the floor.

He glanced at his bloody left hand, was it worth it? The pain, the sacrifice? And for what? A bag of coins to help one of his brothers. He hoped that they appreciated what he went through.

He glanced at his bloodied left hand and sighed. He wouldn't be able to work until it had fully healed. Slowly he stood up and summoned a Healer. A wave came over him, he fell backwards onto the bed. That was how the Healer found him, unconsciousness, the wound from his left hand still bleeding.

Sunday, 14 April 2019


The sun shone in through the window, made a pattern on the glass topped table. He stared at the pattern, ignoring the demon behind the desk. He had been with The Order Demonica for only four years, he was still in his trial period. And now...

"Are you at least going to show me the respect I deserve and look at me?"

Ja'cail raised his head, his eyes locked with those of Taranath. Quickly he bowed his head. He heard a faint chuckle, "so, you do know manners? So tell me Ja'cail, why should I let you stay with us? You are still in your trial period.   I could easily get rid of you. No-one would bat an eyelid..." He leaned forward in the chair, rested his elbows on his desk and steepled his fingers. "Convince me Ja'cail." 

Ja'cail raised his head, it was time to face Taranath. "Taranath, what I did was foolish, I see that now.  I should not have forged that notice from you, I should not have deceived others in the Order..."

Taranath leaned back in his chair.  His face calm, but his eyes blazed betraying the calmness. Ja'cail started to speak again, but a raised hand from Taranath stopped him.

After what seemed like an age, Taranath spoke. "Ja'cail, to redeem yourself, you will start your trial period anew, as my assistant. Whatever I ask of you, you will do. If you slip up again..." He left the sentence unfinished.

Ja'cail bowed his head low, before raising it. "Thank you Taranath, I will not let you down."  Taranath waved a dismissive hand and Ja'cail left.  Taranath's eyes briefly glinted, before he continued with his work.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Q&A with my Characters III

In February 2019, I asked for the readers of this blog to submit questions to my characters.  These are the questions that you, my dear readers of this blog submitted. Seven questions were received, there were asked to Clover (C), Snowflake (S), Dimitru (D), Zero (Z), Julian (J) and Cookie (CO).

For the benefit of the interview all of these characters are male. 

All of these characters are in the same room and, questions are asked in order they were received.  Cookie is is one of Snowflake's guards, he has given Cookie time off to do this interview.  He has also allowed Cookie to relax during it, so he can take part like everyone else.

RB: I wish to thank you all for attending, I appreciate some of you are busy.
J: You are welcome Bunny, I am glad of the distraction.
RB: Understood Julian. Shall we get started then?
Z: Yes, if you please.
RB: Of course Zero, first question is to Clover.
Z: Damn!
RB: Care to explain Zero?
Z: <chuckles> I just owe a certain demon some money now.
RB: <rolls eyes> Understood. Clover...
C: Yes, Miss Floppy Ears?
RB: First question is for you. Clover, what do you most look forward to tattooing. And what do you hate tattooing and why to both. Crystal
C: Oh my, oh my! What a question to be asking, what a question to be asking indeed. Let me think now...
CO: Don't think too hard Clover!
C: Oh, of course you are most correct Cookie... ah yes to answer the question. Thank you Crystal for a lovely question. I most look forward to tattooing the weird and wonderful. The unusual. What do I hate tattooing? I don't HATE tattooing anything, just some things start to get boring after a while.
CO: I can imagine.
C: Indeed Cookie, only so many skulls with daggers through them you can tattoo in one day.
CO: Poor Clover.
C: Thank you Cookie, it can be hard stabbing people with needles all day.
RB: If you two are quite finished.
Z: Clover?
C: Zerrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooo?"
Z: <chuckles>
RB: <rolls eyes at Clover> Next question is for Clover
Z: Fuck!
S: Lost another bet?
Z: Yes
S: <softly chuckles>
RB: <rolls eyes at Zero> Clover, what is your favourite tattoo on your own body? They didn't say who they were.
C: Oh, what an interesting question, mysterious one. I would have to say the one I have tattooed on the top of my feet. A pair of steampunk goggles, when my feet are together they line up perfectly.
Z: I take it hurt a lot, Clover?
C: Oh yes, Zero, lots and lots AND lots!
Z: <nods>
RB: Thank you for your reply Clover, and indeed that does sound like a rather interesting tattoo.
C: Why thank you Miss Floppy Ears <grins>
RB: Next question is for Julian.
J: Please go ahead Bunny.
RB: Thank you. TG from London asks  How long is the training to become a Healer? And how long was your training in total to become a High Healer? Is there a stage between Healer and High Healer?
J: Without sharing any spoilers...
C: Dance for me Julian! Dance!
ALL: <laugh>
J: Indeed Clover. To become a High Healer takes just over a decade. There are various stages of the Healer Rank. I am not at liberty to discuss this any further. Apologies TG from London.
C: Julian did a lovely little dance.
J: <softly chuckles> Thank you Clover
RB: These next set of questions are from Mort from Devon...
C: Oh? Another regular!
RB: <rolls eyes>
C: If you roll your eyes anymore Miss Floppy Ears, they WILL roll out of your head!
S: It's fine Clover, we have a Healer here, Julian will be able to assist in that matter.
RB: If I may?
C: You may, but you may not get anywhere!
RB: Next question is for Clover, Snowflake and Dimitru. Who, if anyone, would you consider your closest friend?
C: Snowflake and Zero. Don't even have to think about it
S: Clover!
Z: Awww! Four leaf one!
C: It's true, you two know more about me than anyone else. Sometimes I swear, you know me better than I know myself.
D: My wife.
S: He has a soul!
D: <softly chuckles> Like Clover, I did not have to think about it.
S: I would have to say...
C: Me! It's me isn't it? It's okay Snowflake, you can say it.
S: <softly chuckles> Sorry, Clover, I hate to disappoint.
C: Snowflake is dancing?
S: <nods> Sorry, Mort from Devon, but this is one I cannot answer, not at this time.
RB: Thank you Snowflake, I am sure they will understand.
C: They understand Snowflake dancing? Have they SEEN Snowflake dance?
ALL: <laugh>
RB: Next question is for Snowflake and Zero. Is there a particular place you go when you need to relax or calm down?
S: Yes there is, one of the places is Zeros.
Z: I can agree with that one!
RB: And for you Zero?
Z: I just like to get on the open road, on my motorcycle, nothing feels like it. Everything just falls away.
S: Oh, I like that answer, can I say that instead?
C: No! You only get one answer, that's it! First answer is the one that is accepted.
CO: It's not a quiz show!
C: It's not? <tilts head to the side> What say you Miss Floppy Ears?
RB: I say, can you calm down Clover. Let me finish this interview.
C: Seeee Cooooookie!
CO: See what?
C: Miss Floppy Ears agrees!
RB: I never...
C: <in a sing song voice> Miss Floppy Ears agrees, Miss Floppy Ears agrees, Miss Floppy Ears agrees!
RB: I did....
S: Bunny, just give up and move on.
RB: <nods> Next question is for Julian and Cookie. Do you have any hobbies some might consider unexpected of you?
C: Julian likes flower arranging!
D: No, Clover that is you.
C: How did you find out! <smirks>
D: I have my ways <laughs>
RB: Julian, Cookie?
J: Thank you Mort from Devon. I like origami, some might find that unexpected.
C: You monster!
J: How so Clover?
C: Folding all that defenceless paper, how could you?
J: <hands Clover, an origami four leaf clover>
C: Ooooh!
J: You're welcome Clover
C: Thank you Jules!
J: <chuckles>
RB: Same question to you Cookie?
CO: Hmmmm
C: Cookie bakes Cookies!
CO: Clover!
C: What? You do!
CO: That is not the point.
C: You are not denying that you bake?
CO: Yes, I bake. Some might find that unexpected?
C: I think ALL will find it unexpected!
CO: Thank you four leaf one.
C: You're welcome!
CO: <shakes head and laughs>
RB: So final question is for Snowflake...
Z: Thank fuck for that!
S: You've won a bet?
Z: Yes
S: <softly chuckles> Bunny, if you wish to continue.
RB: Yes, of course Snowflake. Tish asks you seem so cold and hard at times as though your heart was frozen. But there appears to be a gentleness as well as a undeniable charm to who you are, so my question have you ever been in love, or had a romantic relationship with someone who took you completely out of character. And if so, how and why did it end, did it hardened you?
Z: They asked what?
C: <covers his face with his hands>
D: Brave Tish, or stupid.
CO: Maybe both?
J: <nods> I'd say both Cookie.
RB: Snowflake?
S: Quite the question there Tish.
C: <removes hands form his face> Is it safe yet?
S: <softly chuckles> Clover, it's fine.
C: You're sure?
S: Yes
C: <grins>
S: Now, back to Tish. Have I ever been in love? Yes I have...
D: He loves himself!
J: Ego-man!
Z: <laughs>
S: <ignores Dimitru, Julian and Zero> I have been in love yes, I cannot go into further details as seriously dancing into the area of spoilers. Same with the rest of your question. Though I thank you for you question.
C: Snowflake dances SO well!
D: Makes you proud.
S: <laughs>
RB: Thank you all for the interview.
S: You are welcome Bunny.

And so ends this joint interview.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

An order, not a request

The young demon glanced at the large hessian sack, his face paled. "You want me to fill this..?" Julian nodded, "yes. With keys of the ash tree. I do not care if they are dry or wet, just make sure that bag is full."

"Why?" Julian's face was stern, "it is not your place to ask such questions.  Just do as I ask, do not return until that bag is full."

The young demon left Julian's office hessian sack over his shoulder. Only when the door closed, did someone step out from the shadows. "A hessian sack full of ash keys? Julian that is cruel!"

He raised an eyebrow at Dimitru, a hint of a smile played upon his lips, "how so?"

Dimitru sighed, "you realise how long it will take him to fill that sack?"

Julian chuckled, "I need ash keys, he offered to help..." shrugging he added, "how could I refuse his help? You, above all should appreciate that Dimitru."

Dimitru slightly inclined his head, "just be careful Julian." He waited until Dimitru had left, then he lit a cigarette, poured a glass of wine, and pondered Dimitru's words. Was it a threat? A thinly veiled promise? Or was Dimitru just playing games again?

Only time would tell.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Sighing heavily he placed the handwritten envelope on top of one of his journals. Carefully he unfolded the letter and read it. The writing was child like, made more so by the use of a pencil.

     dearest brother i know it has been several years since we last spoke but i feel the time to break that silence is now i have been watching you i have been close all this time hidden from view i wish to meet with you once again if you agree you know how to reach me xa'aix.

Dimitru glared at the letter, he let it fall from his hands as if it burned. How DARE he. How DARE Xa'aix reach out to him, after all he has done. Angrily he picked up the letter and envelope, and threw them into the fire. He felt some satisfaction at watching the paper burn. Then he felt remorse, his brother had reached out to him. This was how he reacted.

He called his assistant, shouted out a list of ingredients. Thomas half bowed his head before leaving. While he was waiting for Thomas to return, he moved the furniture in front of the fire. He removed the mat in front of the fire.

Grabbing some chalk from his robes he started to draw a circle. He had a summoning to perform.

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The White Door

Dimitru sat on the bench in front of the house, and smiled as the children of ten years old entered the house.

A small tug on his robes disturbed him, a child, smaller than the rest looked at him. He smiled, "yes?" The child hesitated, "Father Dim-et-ru, do I have to go?"

Dimitru softly chuckled, and motioned for the child to join him on the bench. "No, Za'dai. You don't have to enter the house if you don't want to. However I would advise that you do."

Za'dai tilted his head to the side, "why?"

Dimitru turned serious. "Let me explain. If you want to become a member of The Order when you are older, and you have not gone through the white door, you would not be able to join us. If you wanted to get married in our Church, you would not be able to. If you want assistance with your education, if you seek guidance, those would be closed to you."

Za'dai thought for a few moments, "Father Dim-et-ru?"


"If I go into the house, do I have to become part of The Order when I reach the Final Age?"

Dimitru smiled, "no Za'dai, that choice is yours, as is this one."

He watched as the child jumped off the bench, as he ran through the white door.  A grin spread across Dimitru's face. Slowly he stood up, pulled his hood up and left the area. Inside the house, the Second Age for the children gathered, had just begun.

Monday, 31 December 2018

The Fire


Dimitru stared into the fire, he did not hear his visitor.

A gentle cough, "Father Dimitru?" Slowly he turned, to face his visitor. "Tobias..." The name caught in his throat, Tobias, the one who he confided in.  Today, today he was not in the mood to speak with him.

"Not now Tobias"

He sat down without being invited, "we need to talk Dimitru. These dreams you have been having..."

Dimitru stood up, to his full height of 7 foot. He glared down at Tobias. "FATHER Tobias, I said not now. Not today. Not later today, not this evening. Not now. I would appreciate it, if you left..."  He took a step closer to Tobias, "before I make YOU leave!"

Slowly he stood, up, he was about to say something, but Dimitru's glare stopped him. There was no reasoning with Dimitru when he was in this mood. By the time Dimitru had sat back in his chair Tobias had left.

"Tell HIM, that Tobias is... he is becoming a problem" His apprentice half bowed his head, and left. Dimitru stared into the fire.